For Lovers of a Lifetime Deal

TrackMySubs is specifically designed to manage all of your subscriptions. 

Especially lifetime deals.

No credit card required
(and there might be confetti!)

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Helping our customers keep track of

worth of lifetime deals

Lifetime Deals

See the value of your lifetime deals

See them all in one place.


See how much you've saved from your smart buying.


Never miss a refund deadline

Set an alert to be reminded in time to get your money back on that deal you don't want to keep.


Know how much you're spending

With detailed reporting, know how many payments are left to go each month. 

Break down your expenditure by month or payment method.

View your overall summary to see the bigger picture.

Visualise your subscription payments in an easy calendar view.

Filter your view by folder or payment method to see when those charges are going to happen.

Know when your payments are due



Drag and drop simplicity


Connect to your favourite apps with Zapier

Add or edit subscriptions dynamically.


Share subscription information with your other tools.


See alerts in Slack, Pushover or any other app you choose.

Manage your data

CSV Import/Export

Update your subscriptions in bulk and take your own backups with CSV import/export function.

Know exactly how much you're spending – in your own currency.


TrackMySubs supports over 160 currencies, including crypto currencies,  updated daily.


Dynamic currency conversion

Get started today

With TrackMySubs you'll have all your subscriptions and lifetime deals in one organised place.

Included in every plan

Chrome Extension

The simplest way to add new subscriptions into your account.

Default Alert

Set your preferred alert settings to save time. 

Social Login

Connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts for easy login.

Custom Alert Time

Receive alerts at a time that works for you.

Contract Expiry Alert

Set alerts on your contract expiry dates, not just your payment dates.


Add those extra details and have them included in your alert.

I love this software!
Easy to use and effective at managing subscriptions!
It helps me know my business cost per day/month/year and alerts me for the plugins licence renewals.
Very useful in my Wordpress business.

Here's what our customers say

This software is sooo easy to use from the start and it saved me so much money!
You create your account, enter all the dates, and BAM! You have a new assistant taking care of your subscriptions.
Love this product. I would recommend this to everyone.
I've needed a way to track my subscriptions for years and FINALLY can with this!!
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