Why The Subscription Economy Is Unfair!

The world is charging full throttle to a pay as you go, on demand, buy a subscription to everything model. We all know the traditional things we can subscribe to - magazines, pay TV, gym memberships...

And then of course there’s all the online products and services like software, apps (for anything and everything), subscription boxes (combinations of products limited only by your imagination), music, even subscriptions to services like Amazon Prime that give you better deals and faster delivery if you're a member.

There are so many things you can subscribe to now, and with the impending rise of the driverless car, it is by no stretch of the imagination that you’ll be able to subscribe to a car service in the near future. Simply pay your monthly fee for a number of km of travel and then just click the go button in an app and a car will arrive at your front door to take you where you need to go. Need more km for the month? No problem, simply upgrade to the next plan.