3 Reasons To Hate Subscriptions!

Subscriptions are here to stay. And although they give us the amazing ability to turn services on and off with ease, there are also some inherent things that are just downright annoying to most people.

3 Reasons To Hate Subscriptions

1. Forgetting to cancel them!

We come from an economy where we are used to buying things. We pay for something once and it belongs to us. Forever. With the advent of subscriptions taking over the world, we now only pay for the rights to use something for a period of time, and if we want to keep using it, well, we keep paying for it. Super convenient… unless of course you stop using it and fail to cancel the subscription.

Let’s use an exercise bike as an example. We buy it with full intentions of using it forever and being super healthy, right? We don’t actually wake up one morning and say, “OK - I’m done with the bike. I’m not going to use it any more”. It’s a lot more gradual than that. We might use it every day for the first few weeks, then maybe twice a week for a few mo