How to Cancel Amazon Prime

So, the interesting discovery I made about this one, is that if you put this article’s title into Google first, you’ll find your way to the answer much faster than I did. But you see, my first impulse was to actually log in to my Amazon Prime account and then go on a desperate search for the cancel button. Thinking about it now, it just seems so silly. A rookie move. What sort of train of madness was I riding? An easily accessible cancel option? Apparently, it’s a lesson I’ll never learn.

Save yourself the inconvenience of my wild clicking through ridiculous places like ‘accounts’ and ’settings’ because she ain’t there. I even typed ‘cancel Amazon Prime’ into the Amazon search bar and it just gave me an extensive list of eBooks and Audible books I could purchase that would tell me how to cancel. Some of the books actually cost real human money. It’s a ‘no’ from me.

But if you’d like to just cancel your Amazon Prime account, the fast and no money down way, read on friend:

Step 1

Log in into your Amazon Prime account. Stare vaguely at the screen, searching for answers, then abandon the page to open up a new tab or window. But make sure you stay logged in as it does make it all go faster.

Sign in to Amazon Prime

Step 2

In your new tab, go straight to old faithful. Once there, type into the search bar ‘cancel my amazon prime account’ or something similar. All roads lead to Rome. The first thing that pops up is a link to Amazon Prime’s cancel membership page. Why I couldn’t find this option from within my account I’ll never know. That would just be too easy. I have not the patience for these sorts of philosophical musings. Just get me out of here.

Google search

Step 3

Select the link ‘End Your Amazon Prime Membership’ and you’ll be taken to the magical page that should have existed somewhere inside your Amazon Prime account. But never mind that now…

End your Amazon Prime Membership

Step 4

So here you are. From this stage it all gets quite logical and obvious. Select the option to ‘End Membership’. Let the convincing you to stay begin.

End Membership of Amazon Prime

Step 5

Don’t be tricked into selecting the wrong option here. You want to click ‘End My Benefits’. It’s the centre option at the bottom, cleverly placed to confuse you and force you to do extra reading to ensure you click the right button. Or I’m just easily led astray.

End My Benefits of Amazon Prime

Step 6

Here is the first attempt to woo you into staying put. But we’re strong and cannot be swayed. Sure, saving money sounds like a great offer. But it’s still not better than spending no money at all. So, we press on. Select ‘Continue to End My Benefits’.

Step 7

We’re nearly there now. Just one last half-hearted attempt to keep you close. Select the final option ‘Cancel Membership’.

Step 8

This is less of a step, rather it’s a confirmation that you’ve been successful in terminating your Amazon Prime account. Naturally, there’s one more opportunity here to dive back in. But otherwise, we’ve done it! We’re out!

It’s a tricky business, this cancelling of subscriptions, but we get it. They don’t want to lose us, and they’ve got businesses to run. Why on earth would they make it easy? But if you’re like most people and simply can’t afford to have your money bleeding into unused subscriptions, then a quick solution is critical.

The good news is, now you’re not paying for stuff you don’t need or don’t use. And the option to resubscribe is always there, as we well know.

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