How to Cancel Amazon Prime

So, the interesting discovery I made about this one, is that if you put this article’s title into Google first, you’ll find your way to the answer much faster than I did. But you see, my first impulse was to actually log in to my Amazon Prime account and then go on a desperate search for the cancel button. Thinking about it now, it just seems so silly. A rookie move. What sort of train of madness was I riding? An easily accessible cancel option? Apparently, it’s a lesson I’ll never learn.

Save yourself the inconvenience of my wild clicking through ridiculous places like ‘accounts’ and ’settings’ because she ain’t there. I even typed ‘cancel Amazon Prime’ into the Amazon search bar and it just gave me an extensive list of eBooks and Audible books I could purchase that would tell me how to cancel. Some of the books actually cost real human money. It’s a ‘no’ from me.

But if you’d like to just cancel your Amazon Prime account, the fast and no money down way, read on friend:

Step 1

Log in into your Amazon Prime account. Stare vaguely at the screen, searching for answers, then abandon the page to open up a new tab or window. But make sure you stay logged in as it does make it all go faster.