How to Cancel Netflix

The irony is that this is by far the easiest subscription cancellation of all time, and the one I would be least likely to cancel in real life. So, I created a bogus account just for the sake of this article because I would absolutely never cancel my personal account. Yes, I realise I could just reactivate it later, but it’s a matter of principle. I don’t want Netflix to think I’m a fickle lover.

So fake Jen, imposter Jen, created an account for the basic evil purpose of cancelling it again straight away.

If you’re someone who has managed to create a life for themselves beyond Netflix, I salute you, and am pleased to provide you with what is a simple, efficient method for cancelling your Netflix subscription. So simple in fact, it makes you want to stay. Even when you’re just fake subscribing and cancelling.

Step 1:

Sign into your Netflix account. You’ll be brought to your home screen. Gosh, it’s so beautiful.

Sign in to Netflix