How Technology Has Made Paying Subscriptions and Bills Easier But Much Harder to Keep Track Of

These days, it seems that technology is revolutionising the most mundane parts of everyday life like paying bills and signing up to subscription-based services.

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In the past, you had to carefully select which movies to buy on DVD – now it is just a matter of paying a monthly subscription to Netflix. You also used to have to physically fall in line at a bank, with many businesses now letting you pay bills through their app or website.

Technology has made paying bills and subscriptions much easier but it goes far beyond just fulfilling our entertainment needs. Businesses have also realised the many advantages of these systems and it could be the future, as we have discussed before in our post ‘The Future of Subscription Culture’. Soon enough, even smaller businesses and freelancers will adapt. Yet, it is still worth examining the new innovation’s pros and cons.