Subscription Model: E-Commerce Benefits and Best Practices

Subscription Model

Lots of people are just now getting hip to the subscription model, not even realizing that it’s something that’s been around for years… it’s been around long before the emergence of the internet! Have you ever sat at your grandparents' house and noticed a stack of prehistoric Reader’s Digest or National Geographic magazines lying around? You might not even realize it but your grandparents were some of the first subscribers to the subscription model back in their day. To receive their subscriptions, they mailed in a check!

Mailing in a check! A lot of the younger generations don’t even know how to write a check, let alone mail one! Those are signs of the times but one of the biggest signs of the times is that the subscription model is still relevant today, especially in the world of e-commerce. It’s actually considered a “norm” with online shopping. Lots of e-commerce businesses have a revenue model but they are also incorporating the subscription model as an additional revenue stream.