Three Reasons To Hate Subscriptions!


Forgetting to cancel them!


We’re not instinctively wired to remember and cancel the things we’re not using because we’ve traditionally never needed to. Things didn’t historically cost us money if we forgot about them. With subscriptions, it can cost you a fortune!


They can be very difficult to cancel!


If a company cannot keep a customer with a good product (and great service), then creating a tangled frustrating path to unsubscribe is going to do nothing but annoy the customer - generally guaranteeing they will never return.

And it's unethical in our opinion!


Poor value!

It should be a straight forward business case of “am I going to make more money, or save more money/time by spending money on this service?”


If the answer is yes, then the service is good value. If the answer is no, then it probably isn’t good value.

We all face the same problems when it comes to subscriptions.

Forgetting them, wasting money on them, never knowing what we're actually spending.

It shouldn't be so hard!  


And with TrackMySubs it isn't.

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